LLC «Biotec» has released a new product, "Lycopene - 10 mg", a powerful herbal antioxidant in a high dosage of the active substance.

A new nutraceutical products has an effect:

  • contributes to the maintenance of the functional state of the cardiovascular system
  • protects and strengthens blood vessels
  • reduces the risk of progression of atherosclerosis
  • maintains normal cholesterol in the body
  • slowing down the aging process ("anti-age" effect)
  • reduce free radicals
  • retains youthful skin

The product contains a high dosage of lycopene - 10 mg. It is made from Swiss-made pharmaceutical grade substance of the highest quality.

The package contains 30 capsules in blisters. It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day in courses of one month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated. The product is part of the «Renaissance» series of nutraceutical complexes of a new generation.

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