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Group of companies "BIOTEC" is the one of the largest pharmaceutical holding companies in Russia


Quality of our products is compliant with GMP international manufacturing practice and ISO 9000 series stadards


Nutraceutical complexes with herbal components, nutrition complexes for young sportsmen and specialized food products for medical organisations patients

About us

BIOTEC Group of Companies is Russia’s largest pharmaceutical holding that specializes in the development and production of advanced high-quality pharmaceuticals, as well as in wholesale and retail of pharmaceuticals produced by leading domestic and international manufacturers.

Our mission is to improve people’s health and standard of living by providing a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals to the country’s population and health care institutions, support and contribute to the development of the country’s pharmaceutical industry and health care system, as well as to support national science and innovations.

Key facts


The BIOTEC group of companies was founded


The company employs 6,750 staff members


The company operates two production divisions


The company operates 323 pharmacies

Promotions and novelties


An innovative drug for the normalization of gastrointestinal disorders or diseases of the digestive system.

The BIOTEC group of companies production

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